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Name: Heidi Jean
Likes: singing. musicals, opera, and art song. her best friend, luciana. quality conversations. dancing. karaoke. mrs byrne's dance class and other forms of progressive relaxation. squirty cheese. the viola. funky earrings. moccassins and scarves.

"Inspiration may be a form of superconsciousness, or perhaps of subconsciousness, I wouldn't know- but I am sure it is the antithesis of self-consciousness.
~Aaron Copland

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an update [05.10.07 at 9:36pm]
15 days until the 21st birthday. i've got quite the weekend plans in the making - dinner with my family and joel at Eagan's downtown, cocktails and sushi, etc...then out on brady or water or third ward or bayview...really anywhere, since there's a bar on every corner in milwaukee.

then saturday morning brunch with luch and sarah roark (please forgive me in advance for being wickedly hungover)...

then joel's taking me on a surprise trip. it's going to be some combination of la crosse (to visit christiana and eric) and decorah iowa (to visit wineries), and probably some stops in between with a stay at a B & B. i won't know until that day exactly which direction we head first, but since it's memorial day weekend and he's got off monday, we can pretty much go in any combination and it's going to be great.

cleaning tonight, cleaning tomorrow, babysitting, then drive home saturday morning...and the summer has begun.
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[04.06.07 at 2:00pm]
I got an email from the Kennedy Center Internship Program, regretting that they can't offer me an internship this summer.

I'm relieved; I know for SURE that I made the right decision to work at the MSO, and though I wish I could have said that my application stood out among 350 others, this way I risk having no regrets, because I know that the Milwaukee internship will in the end pay off more than the KC ever would have.

Now I have to get through 4 more weeks of classes. It's not even class, it's all SAI stuff...but it will fly by and soon I'll be working in the field I'm passionate about in a city that I love.
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Spring Semester [01.31.07 at 1:51pm]
I realized I haven't made an entry since Thanksgiving weekend, when I was stranded in Hudson all day with a broken radiator...

so on a brighter note, this semester is going much better than last. I finally feel like I'm working towards something, now that I only have three semesters until I'm done (yikes).

German is AMAZING, I didn't realize how much I missed language classes until I started this one. I love conjugating verbs, and I feel much more confident speaking in class conversations now that I've had German Diction. I also feel familiar with a lot of the words already, because of the number of German songs I've studied in my repertoire. So it's going really well. Plus my brother is going to Germany this summer, so we've been IMing in German (or partially, because I get lost easily since my vokabularn is nicht so gut).

Voice is going better, and my recital (April 18th) is going to be a good one. There won't be anybody there, since it's the night before the spring opera opens, so hardly any voice majors will be around to hear it, but I'm over that now. It'll be a fun experience in the recital hall in my opera dress with Chris at the piano to help. So my outlook on this semester is much improved since last semester.

And my attitude towards the distance thing with Joel is getting better, too. Everytime we part for two or three weeks, it's getting a little bit easier to focus on school and to not get upset or lonely or feel like quitting. I miss him terribly but everything we've been talking about recently, and realizing that the next 3 semesters are going to fly by, has made it much easier to deal with.
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[11.22.06 at 7:21pm]
still in hudson. and $530 later, there's still an overheating problem - because an hour ago we left the dealership, got onto 94, and made it less than 10 miles before the temperature gauge went back up to past H. there was more steam/smoke, and the hot air turned cold. so we turned around, crawled at 35 mph on the freeway's shoulder back to the dealer, and here we sit.

ironically, the computer "workstation" they have set up has internet access - i can access facebook and livejournal, but not umn mail.

and i did finally cry. i held it together all damn day until we were back on the freeway and the gauge started to climb again. scariest feeling ever, that the car may at any time either stop functioning or blowup.
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[11.22.06 at 4:26pm]
here's an entry i nver thought i'd be making.

i'm in hudson at a jeep/chrysler dealer. why, you ask? because my radiator overheated and my coolant was leaking. so we pulled over, had it checked, were given the ok...and then before we could get back onto the freeway, it started to overheat again.

so in 3 hours and $520 dollars i should be back on the road. the good news is, this didn't happen in bumblefuck, WI. the bad news is, i won't be home until midnight at the very earliest.

::sigh:: this was supposed to be a relaxing weekend. but now i'm going to get home late, wake up early, have family stuff tomorrow, cram for the recital on saturday, deal with the whole joel's-mom-meeting-my-parents thing, and have no time to relax. that's the reason i left early today, so i could have tonight to myself at home, take a bubble bath, just chill out.

tomorrow i'm getting wasted at thanksgiving dinner. i deserve it, and my parents won't disagree.
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